Reflections on 21 years since I wrote me story

As I mentioned in my story, my wife Sharon, our children and I went to live in Italy in 1998. since then 21 year have passed. I now sit in a hotel Room in Brisbane reflecting on the story of my spiritual journey and in particular the last sentence. “Since then (my conversion) I have grown; I have changed; and I desire to continue growing and changing.”

So what does that look like over 2 decades on?

The old John was selfish and fearful, all my sins evolved around my needs and my fears. When God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit came into my life the healing began. Jesus was the Remedy, He healed me and began transforming my character. It’s been a long slow process and over time I have come to understand what it means that the Father loves me. He has been teaching me a new way to live, that way is “the way of God’s Love”, the way that would progressively restore me to the person God had designed me to be, a unique version of myself with a character that reflects love and freedom.

And what does that look like?

God is Love and we see all through the Bible that God continually gives what is needed to promote life and continually gives freedom, to promote a response that perpetuates that life in all relationships, this is called “The cycle of God’s Love and Freedom”. Like all design laws, this cycle, when broken leads to death as a natural consequence. Just like if you stop giving your carbon dioxide to the trees and plants who receive it as a nutrient and is then converted back to oxygen which we then receive so as to complete the cycle. All design laws operate in the same way, once the cycle of giving is broken, death ensues. When the cycle is intact everything is in harmony and works as it should.

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