This Love revealed (Poem)

..Over the last year I’ve been soaking in God’s presences, loving what I have been leaning. I thought I would condense my thoughts into a poem to share.


This Love revealed
I don’t want this message to go viral
I just want it to be heard
Not by many who don’t really care
But by some who’s hearts will change and be made whole
My message is simple but hard to apply
It’s for all but only some accept.
It’s liberating but most prefer to stay bound.
It’s where love swims in the waters of freedom and you know it’s the safest place to be.
It’s where you come out of the shadows and live where actions reflect lives transformed, hearts renewed, and where motives are pure and true.
It’s where the light shines brightest and where love is not about me but about you and others.
It’s where our feelings matter less and others matter more, where truth leads to a person who makes sense of it all.
He can be seen and heard and felt
– His name is Love –
So Who is He?
He is the true Father
He is the true Friend
And He is the true Helper
This love revealed with fingerprints everywhere, He made it all with His reflection of love to share.
We saw him come in flesh and blood to a humanity that had lost it’s love, sick and dying in fear, selfishness and despair.
He gave his life so we can know what true love is like.
He could have shown his power and might by coercing us through fear of punishment.
Instead he showed that he could be trusted with the power
He chose to trust in Love and die in truth so we can follow his example and be the safe neighbours that we ought to be.
This love revealed can reside within us and work through us, to transform hearts and minds of a movement of the safest neighbours you will find.

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