My thoughts on the Advent

‪Jesus birth was the answer to all of life’s questions because He is the logos the one who gives ultimate meaning to everything.

The most important truth behind His name is His character of “Love and Freedom”. He said “if you see me you see the Father”, in other words His character and the Fathers are alike.

We can choose to look at our lives through God’s lens of love and freedom or through our sin sick lens of survival of the fittest which leads to a life of fear and selfishness. One develops a character full of life the other a corrupt character. ‬

Once we accept Jesus “The Remedy” we begin to experience what our hearts have been longing for from the moment we could understand dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction is a symptom of our inherited condition of ‘survival of the fittest’ which produces all the wrong action that exists on earth, all sins are a manifestation of our core heart condition.

That’s why we needed a Savior healer. Without Jesus and what He deposited in the human race 2000 years ago we would be in a worse state than we find ourselves now.

My prayer for You all as we step into a new decade is may we all recognize when our hears are soft and full of love or hard and full of corruption. Then either turn to Jesus in gratitude or help.

Thanks God for Jesus!!

Merry Christmas

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